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Southend United - Southern League Blues
Southend United - Southern League Blues
"Southend United - Southern League Blues" is now available. 94 A4-sized pages packed with original photos of Southend United covering the era from their formation in 1906 to their final season before joining the Football League in 1920. The book has four sections: A Short History of the Non-League Southend United, Photographs, Fallen Heroes and Statistics, and would make an excellent present for any Southend United fan interested in the beginnings and history of the club.

This book would also suit anyone who has an interest in the history of this great sport.

The book is priced at 9.99GBP and P&P to anywhere in the UK is free. If you would like this book sent overseas, please contact us for postage costs before purchasing; email us at info@shrimperpublishing.co.uk.

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Southend United 1906-2006

Press Review

Although we don't like to blow our own trumpet, we are really delighted at the following review that "A Century United" received in the latest edition of the respected football collectables magazine "Programme Monthly"

"Southend United were 100 years old last season, and to commemorate the milestone Peter Miles and Dave Goody have produced a beautiful history book entitled A CENTURY UNITED. It is the story of 100 eventful years in words and pictures (there are practically no statistics). The 300 page, large sized book opens with a detailed look at football in the Essex town pre-United, and the early years of the Shrimpers. From the start, the text is accompanied by an excelleny selection of illustrations, including many programme covers (as befits the authors, both enthusiastic collectors). Coming to terms with Football League membership in 1920, the events surrounding various ground moves, and the great players and personalities who played for the club through the years are all dealt with in turn, enter the authors' lifetimes, the quantity of text and quality of photographs are lifted to higher planes. Simply designed, but printed on glossy paper, this is a top quality production appropriate to celebrate the club's centenary. For an indication of the quality of the writing, you need only read the Dedications; both to their Dads, who inspired their love for the club."

"A Century United" has received some great press coverage recently, and Peter and Dave have also been doing some signing sessions. Read all about what the press have to say below...
Book Launch

Book Launch and Review - Southend Evening Echo

30th August 2007

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Evening Echo 1st September 2007

Grindleys Book Signing

1st September 2007

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Evening Echo 25th September 2007

Southend United Book Signing

20th September 2007

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Get your copy now!!

The book is available for purchase, either directly from us here on this website (click the "Products" link above - payment by Paypal, Debit or Credit Card) or from the Southend United Ticket Office.

The book is also available to purchase from Waterstones Bookshop in High Street Southend.

Please see below for some of the comments we have received so far about the book...

A Century United

Comments received so far.....

"Dave, my copy was delivered yesterday afternoon. I started reading it straight away and next thing it was 1am. All that information from the birth of the blues in the 1900's was so detailed that you can imagine being there. Great read, great memories, congratulations on a fantastic book and a must-have for all true blues fans. Thanks!" - Leighite (taken from Shrimperzone Forum)

"Mine was delivered last night, spent the evening thumbing through it, trying to educate the wife as to the history of our wonderful football club. Superb stuff.......The memories, the memories!!!!! Well done to all concerned." - chrisguthrie (taken from Shrimperzone Forum)

"Seriously, excellent book. Very professional, and riviting... Didn't realise so much went on in the first few years of the clubs existance. We could have quite easily gone the way of Croydon Common during the First World War." - CI-City Blue (taken from Shrimperzone Forum)

"Once again, Very Well Done to you both.. you should be extremely proud of your achievement... to write it was one thing, but to get it published off your own bats takes some doing" - Blueblood (taken from Shrimperzone Forum)

"Have only flicked through it briefly, but as a big rugby league fan* I was really glad (if a little surprised!) to see the big section on Southend Invicta. Great work chaps." - Uxbridge Shrimper (taken from Shrimperzone Forum)

"I have just received my copy of the book, ordered via Amazon, and would like to pass on my congratulations for your extremely well researched and very entertaining production and I hope it obtains the sales it deserves." - Keith Rosewell (via email)

Southend United 1906-2006